Celtics V. Pelicans

November 26, 2018

Although one game never really makes a difference, it feels a hell of a lot better being 11-10 than it did 10-10. Obviously there are many problems going on with the Celtics right now but I’ll go over those in a future loss. For now it’s just relieving to see the floodgates finally open and the Celtics drop 124 points on the Pelicans. Obviously when Anthony Davis plays, he’s going to get his, which was all but shown with his display of a quiet 27 points and 16 rebounds, if that’s even a thing. But other than that I thought we played with some heart defensively tonight. Keeping statistically the 2nd best offense in the league to 107 points is nothing to be ashamed of. Throughout these last few games we’ve continuously seen the Celtics come out lazy and put in lackluster efforts on their way to losses. That was not the case tonight. I thought the addition of Marcus Smart into the starting lineup boosted the energy levels and may be something to consider looking forward. I thought Terry brought tons of energy off the bench tonight. Hayward did a few good things off the bench in his minutes but you can still tell he’s not quite there yet. Morris was consistent as always, every time he shoots I go “why Marcus”, but it always ends in a “good shot Marcus”, he just has a knack for hitting contested shots I guess. Horford did his job tonight and even managed to grab 20 himself, a 7 point difference between him and Davis is something I’ll take 7 days a week. And obviously I can’t end this blog without mentioning Kyrie Irving. 26 and 10 for the man, hitting clutch shot after clutch shot, and don’t get me started on the fadeaway jumpers, those do something to me. Great team effort tonight, long break until the next one, rest up Jaylen, the team is still better with you on the court.

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