The House of Horrors

What just happened? The Miami Dolphins just pulled off a miracle 34-33 victory against the Patriots on a final-second, 70 yard lateral play. You have got to be kidding me. The Patriots looked as if they were going to squeak out a victory down in Miami, a place where they have had a lot of struggles recently. This hope came to a crashing halt when the fins pulled a miracle play out of their asses. I guess you have to give them some credit, you rarely ever see teams pull those type of plays off as the degree of difficulty to get into the end zone is very high. The Patriots definitely helped them out though. Multiple defenders took poor angles to the ball and the Dolphins should have been kept in front of multiple Patriots defenders. Instead, the Patriots put Rob Gronkowski on the field in hope that he would knock down a deep pass. Why? Ryan Tannehill was not throwing a pass 70 yards down the field into the end zone. Belichick and the rest of the coaching staff should have known a lateral play was coming and to combat it, they should have had their fastest players on the field. It should not have come down to that, however. The Patriots defense looked a step slow all day and it is not like the Dolphins are a high-flying offense. After stringing together a recent run of good defensive performances, the Patriots should have been able to hold a mediocre offense to at least under 30 points. Also, what is wrong with Gostkowski? He had two horrible misses, a PAT and a FG that never had a chance, and even his makes looked shaky. If the Patriots want to experience a late playoff run, the defense is going to have to learn how to play on the road and Stephen will have to hit big kicks. Now that the Chiefs won today, another extremely frustrating outcome, the Pats have a slim slot of having home field and will likely have to travel to Arrowhead, if they get there. If you are looking for silver linings from today, the offense looked sharp when they were going downfield. Brady made some poor decisions holding onto the ball and they had trouble establishing the run but, he threw the ball with a lot of zip today and they did not have trouble moving the ball. Also, Gronk looked outstanding today. On offense. This is a tough pill to swallow but the Patriots are going to have to look ahead and finish their season strong. At least the Texans lost, they are still in position for a bye. What the hell is it about going to Miami?

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