Changing of the Guard?

In one of the most anticipated college football matchups in recent memory, the Clemson Tigers blew the doors off of the Alabama Crimson Tide 44-16 in the National Championship Game last night. Not only was Clemson winning a surprise, but the fashion in which they won was shocking. Aside from Clemson fans and a handful of others, the Tide were the pick to win the game. That could have served as some motivation for the Tigers because from the very start, it seemed as if they wanted it more. It was not a blowout the entire time. Alabama was ahead 16-13 at one point. That means from that point on the Tigers went on a 31-0 run to close the game. That is something you never see from a team led by Nick Saban. That is proven by the fact that this was Saban’s largest loss during his time at Alabama. For majority of the game, Clemson looked better-prepared, faster, and more determined. All of that contributed to the final score line. Let’s not forget about the man standing on the other sideline. Dabo Swinney is a legitimate coach and should be praised more for the job he has done. The talk is always about Alabama, but Clemson and Alabama now have the same amount of championships and total losses in the last four years. His on-field presence was felt all night long and his post-game interview was amazing. It may not be long until NFL organizations come calling. Clemson’s defense is and was amazing last night and is filled with NFL talent at all three levels. It won’t be long before Brett Venables, Clemson defensive coordinator, lands a job at a major program. Incredible athletes such as Travis Ettienne and Justyn Ross were running and catching all over Alabama’s defense all night. And trust me, that defense is no slouch. Just pay attention to the next couple of drafts. And finally, Trevor Lawrence is an absolute stud. Barring injury, Trevor Lawrence will be the bonafide #1 pick 2 years from now. He has the total package, from athleticism, to smarts, to arm talent, making him one of the best prospects in recent memory. The composure he showed for a true freshman on that stage against that opponent was incredible. We are going to see both of these teams on top of college football once again next year. And there is a good chance they will be playing each other in this very game. But for now, it is time that we call Clemson, and not Alabama, the premier program in college football.

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