Trouble in Paradise?

What the hell is wrong with the Celtics? The C’s just closed out their 3-game road trip against the Brooklyn Nets last night in losing fashion, taking a 109-102 loss back home. With the loss, the team finished 0-3 on their mini road trip against the Heat, Magic, and Nets. Last Wednesday, the Celtics completely dominated the Indiana Pacers. The Pacers, while not a juggernaut, are one of the East’s better teams and have a better record than the C’s for what its worth. This victory is what many considered to be a good sign, and possibly a turning point in their season. After a win like that, the team should have been able to carry a lot of positive momentum into their future matchups. Instead, the Celtics displayed a horrible performance the very next night in Miami. It was their largest loss of the season and for large portions of the game, it seemed like no one wanted to play. On Saturday night, the Celtics traveled to Orlando and it was more of the same. They started out the game strongly by showing maximum effort which resulted in large first half leads. In the second half, the effort level definitely diminished and Orlando went on a huge run to take control of the game. After two terrible losses, you would think the team would respond with some anger against the Nets. Nope. The Celts turned in yet another lackadaisical performance that included a horrendous third quarter in which they were outscored 44-21 and found themselves down 27. That is effort. It is one thing to miss shots throughout the course of the game or just to be outplayed by a better opponent on a given night. But there is a problem with this team right now. It is the effort. Guys aren’t playing for each other and there is a lot of “I” going on. It won’t be beneficial to name names, but I am sure if you are watching most of the games, you can tell who is doing what. The vets and the young guys clearly aren’t on the same page. That is proven by postgame interviews by Kyrie Irving and Jaylen Brown after recent games. The Celtics have not had a full squad in awhile. Baynes has been out and then some combination of Irving, Morris, Hayward, and Smart have been out recently. It is no excuse. This team is way too talented to let their egos stand in the way of their success. What good have the team meetings done? The Celtics need to take a breath. Coach Stevens needs to get his guys on the same page sooner rather than later. There is no need to panic as there is a lot of season left. But if this trend continues, the season could be lost before it should be. Heading back home, it is time for the C’s to wake up, get back in the winning column, and start playing for each other.

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