What is Danny Ainge thinking?

As you know the NBA Draft was tonight, a big night for many different organizations looking to piece together a team. Draft Day this year was no different especially for our truly beloved Boston Celtics. A team that for the past two weeks have been beaten while they’re already down from a disappointing end to the season. Ainge didn’t pull the trigger on Davis (a correct decision for myself maybe not to others), Kyrie has… well we all know what kyrie did, and just recently Big Al has not come to an agreement with the Celtics in fact came no where close to an agreement and it looks like he’s heading elsewhere. Along with Terry Rozier and Marcus Morris unsure about there future it’s safe to say tonight was quite the big night for the Celtics. The Celtics came into the night knowing they need shooting, a point guard and a big, so let’s see what happened tonight.

As we know the Celtics had picks 14, 20, and 22 to start the night. At 14 the Celtics were rumored with Tyler herro out of John Calipari’s Kentucky, a sharp shooter with debatably the best touch in the draft. Fine by me, I was all for it until Miami swooped in from nowhere at 13 to grab him. This along with Cam Johnson, the other sharp shooter in the draft rising big time and being taken by the suns at 11 (from the timberwolves) was a nightmare for us Celtic fans. This left us with a sense of cluelessness into what Ainge was going to do. Was he going to trade it? There’s no bigs , point guards or shooters good enough for 14 so he’s surely going to trade it. Well spoilers but he didn’t. Instead Ainge did what Ainge does best. He drafted a scoring wing by the name of Romeo Langford. Langford was highly touted out of high school ranking 5th in his class and taking his talents to Archie Miller’s Indiana. A rough freshman year meant that Langford’s stock had fallen drastically unlike his high school rankings. Most of the reason was because although he can score the basketball, there isn’t a part of his game that is elite. His 3 ball, a big part of Celtics basketball, is dismal to be nice about it, shooting 27% from deep. The excuse, and quite the viable one, is that he did play his freshman year with a torn muscle in his right thumb so we hope that’s the reason and that Langford can at least show some kind of three ball in Vegas for the summer league. A high upside low floor pick at 14 when you’re guy was just taken a pick before you, to be honest I don’t hate it. I’ll let Ainge slide on this one.

Off to pick #20 where the Celtics are on the clock. Again at 20 you feel like once again there are no bigs, pgs or spot up shooters that are good enough for #20 and once again you feel like he should trade it. This time he does. Ainge trades 20 to Philadelphia for #24 and #33. Philadelphia proceed to take Matisse thybulle, a good pick might I add, but not a player that we needed or we should’ve drafted. Here I like what Ainge did and am happy with the move.

2 picks later at 22 the Celtics are back on the clock and honestly should have been looking at best available with a pick again 2 picks later at 24 and no one of real need that’s left. Here I wanted Kevin Porter Jr I won’t lie. I know he had injury problems and personal products at USC, that’s nothing that Danny and Brad can’t fix. I dynamic scorer and a guy that can leap out of the gym I’m all for it and another wing for Danny’s collection. Instead Danny opts for a guy most had in the second round by the name of Grant Williams. Yeah he balled out for Tennessee in their breakout year and yeah he’s like the strongest guy on earth but he was not right pick here Danny. Definitely not the right pick.

So far with 2 picks in the first round the celts have managed not to get any of their needs. Surely at 24 they get a need. Surely. Kevin porter jr still left, ty Jerome, mfiondu Kabengale, hell Bol Bol and his 70 year old knees and ankles is there. Once again trickster Danny does the unexpected and trades the pick to the suns, as they get ty Jerome one of the players the Celtics needed. Later it came out to be for Milwaukee’s first next year as we stamped Aron Baynes to the pick. Yes it saved Boston 8 mil in cap but once again it wasn’t the play Danny.

After all that we all still sat on the couch in our self pity and disappointment to watch the Celtics mess up the 33rd pick in the draft with bol bol and Carsen Edwards still left on the board. Wait, you mean to tell me Ainge did something productive and smart in this draft and drafted Carsen Edwards. Wonderful. It came down to the 33rd pick in the draft for Celtics fans to cheer a pick. Again I didn’t hate Langford and I thought trading 20 made sense but those were nothing to stand and clap for. Carsen Edwards is most likely going to be Boston’s own Quinn Cook and I couldn’t be happier about it. A guy that comes off the bench and just splashed threes. He just needs the knee socks and this guy can be the next Eddie house. Extremely happy with this pick.

As I’m writing this the Celtics picked Tremont Waters out of LSU with the 51st pick. Another point guard which works. I did watch him score a game winning bucket against Maryland in the ncaa tourney that helped my bracket. So that was pretty cool I guess.

All in all, I would classify this Celtics draft as a disappointment. Not a failure but quite disappointing. Liked Carsen Edwards and liked the idea of trading 20, indifferent on Langford and hated grant Williams at 22 and the abomination at 24. To answer the big question, “did the Celtics get better at a time and place where they needed to get better?” Well the answer is NO.

That being said, our words to live by, In Danny We Trust.

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