Trust In Danny!

Now obviously in my last blog I wrote a piece on the Celtics Draft Night. I was none to pleased expressing my concerns on what I had witnessed from that night. Although I did end my blog with the words in which I and many other Celtics fans live by, “always trust in Danny”. And I know, “it’s only been two games in the pointless summer league, shut up and wait until October.” And I agree, I really do, but the big problem I had with the Celtics draft was the selection of Grant Williams at 22. I truly did not think that Grant Williams was good enough. Boy was I wrong and I do only need two pointless summer league games to see that. Grant Williams has been nothing short of fantastic for the summer league Celtics and has broken out as one of the leaders of the young group, that I was always sure would happen, but his play thus far, I am pleasantly surprised. I believe he leads the Celtics with a simply staggering stat of +41 in the +/- department after two games (if this is wrong blame J Trev, got the stat from him). I’ve fallen in love with the kid, a big Marcus Smart, are you kidding me, it’s absolutely fantastic. A true leader and can’t wait to see what the future holds for him.

The one pick I fully agreed with and was incredibly excited about was Carsen Edwards. My oh my has he not disappointed. Dude can straight up shoot. There is no limit to his 3 ball which is a skill desperately needed on the Celtics roster, someone to come off the bench and just get buckets, which is something Edwards will no doubt get, hopefully for a long and fruitful Celtics career. A big concern about Edwards is his size and his defending. The Celtics list Edwards at 6 feet tall, I don’t believe it, looks more like 5’10, 5’11. Although he may be short for the NBA he doesn’t play short, attacking the rim at a fierce pace with athletic layups around the land of the giants. Take his pretty up and under against Cleveland for example, kids simply not afraid of being blocked, something to admire. On the defensive side the kids a little pest, always in your face and not giving you an inch to breathe. You’ll get to know that I absolutely love defensive basketball, if you can play defense I am a fan. And a pest like Carsen Edwards fits the bill. Him and his partner in crime Tremont Waters have been suffocating their opponents from tip to finish.

Speaking of Tremont Waters, dudes been a big surprise. Coming from the 51st pick in the NBA draft, you didn’t really expect much from him. But I love how he plays. He’s on the floor more than he’s not which is a major boost to everyone else that’s playing with him. Leading by example, putting his body on the line in every single possession. He has also shown a knack for hitting a timely three and making the correct pass almost every possession, getting everyone else involved even though he’s fighting for a roster spot. I really hope this kid finds a spot for this upcoming season. Heart and team first guys are hard to come by and so far this rookie class has nothing but those kinda guys. Celtics are 2-0 in the summer league and play again tonight against the Denver Nuggets, will have another blog later tonight after the game. Catch ya then.

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