A Baller, a Dog, a Pest and a Tacko.

Just a few words to describe this rookie class that our very own Boston Celtics have brought in. Carsen Edwards is a straight up baller, Grant Williams, a dog that just works his ass off, Tremont Waters, a pest all over whoever is unlucky enough to be opposing him and Tacko fall, who is just… Tacko Fall.

The Summer League Celtics took on the Denver Nuggets and came away with a gritty and impressive 95-82 win. The Celtics played without Yabu, Robert Williams and of course the Celtics first pick of the draft Romeo Langford. The difference for the Celtics on this night was none other than Carsen Edwards. He simply could not be stopped tonight shooting 8/12 from the field including 5/7 from 3 for 23 points. I will mention that Edwards’ production was off the bench today, (I know he played starters minutes but it still counts as bench production!). Once again Edwards proved that the small guy has the heart to not just stick behind the 3 point line but attack the paint. And attack the paint efficiently! Which was shown by his pretty up and under down low and his even prettier fadeaway J. He continued his solid defensive approach and continued to pest attackers all night. Nothing much more I can say it was just a truly solid night for Carsen Edwards, no negatives from his game at all tonight.

The engine and workhouse of this Celtics Summer League team from the beginning has been none other than Grant Williams. Just doing absolutely everything you could ever ask for and more from the kid. Never stops playing his game and always does it with a smile, not much more you can ask for. But he gives us more just cuz he can. Williams finished the game with 16 points and 8 boards and his much appreciated usual of +16 in the +/-. Not only did Williams have 8 boards but 3 of those were hard fought offensive boards. Okay maybe 2 one was a simple put back at the end of regulation but he started the play so we’ll give it to him. Once again I am very impressed with Grant’s motor and his defensive abilities, if he can work on his 3 ball, (0/4), he will have a fantastic NBA career.

Tremont Waters did his thing annoying the opposition all game and not allowing them to breath until the game was over. Although he had a disappointing shooting performance, with 36/28 splits on the night and 4 turnovers. I was quite impressed with the way he conducted himself on the floor acting like a leader out there. Also looked like he had eyes in the back of his head at times, finding passes that I didn’t see from my couch.

Can we talk about that Onuaku rebound and pass to Green for the posterize dunk. That was nuts.

And finally Tacko Fall, I mean not much to say about Tacko but have you ever seen a 7 footer, let alone 7’6 move get as low as he was playing and move as quickly. Incredible. Still doesn’t deserve a spot on the roster. Sorry. Thursday we’re back, catch ya then.

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