The Dancing Bear Will be Dancing Somewhere Else

Chris has written the last three blogs. That means the real blogger has been missing. Trev is back to doing what he does best, different from Guerschon Yabusele’s situation. The “Dancing Bear,” as many people including myself refer to him as, has been waived by the Boston Celtics. This is a move that has been forthcoming since the Celtics first summer league game of the season against the 76ers. He looked slow, he looked lost, he showed no noticeable improvements, and he looked like a typical summer leaguer with flaws that pop out on ones tv screen. The problem with those things is that this was a guy picked 16th overall and about to enter his fourth season in the NBA. And maybe he still will. But that will not be happening with the Celtics as Danny Ainge swallowed his pride and admitted his drafting mistake by waiving the French stretch forward. The Celtics will have to eat some money because of this as his contract became guaranteed earlier this offseason. However, they saw firsthand this summer that he would not factor into their plans this coming season and they made the tough call. Now, Guerschon can try to find a new home for next season and the Celtics can look for another guy to fill their 15th and last roster spot. Guerschon was a great locker room guy and a great positive spirit to have at the end of the bench. At the same time, his body never improved throughout his time with the Celtics and his limitations lingered and became obvious. While skilled for a player his size, he has a lot of improvements to make if he hopes to continue his NBA career. And to add some more salt to the wounds, Malik Beasley, Pascal Siakam, Dejonte Murray, and Malcolm Brogdon were some of the players drafted after Yabusele… and Zizic. Still, we are all rooting for you Yabu.

Now, how about that last roster spot? Carsen Edwards should be signing a guaranteed contract any day now, meaning he will be the 14th guaranteed contract the Celtics will have on the books. Tremont Waters will be sticking around as a two-way player, meaning he will be going back and forth between Maine and Boston but won’t count against their active roster. Who should the Celtics be looking at to occupy that spot? They have enough ball handles. They have enough wings. What they don’t have is enough shooting. Tacko Fall, while having promising moments and being a potential player at his unique height, is not ready for NBA minutes. He struggles to rebound for someone his size, he struggles to get up and down, and he cannot defend on the perimeter. What is going to happen when he gets switched onto Kyrie Irving this season? I want someone there who will lock up that basket case. That is an exaggerated situation as no 15th man should be able to guard one of the leagues better offensive players. Tacko Fall is not ready to play though. The Celtics should try to get Tacko on a two-way deal so he can remain in their grasps and hopefully improve on these weaknesses in Maine. The Celtics should be targeting a stretch forward, someone similar to Yabusele’s play style just better. Ryan Anderson is still out there. Trey Lyles is also out there as the Nuggets just relieved him of his services. Even Jonas Jerebko could be an option as a spark guy who knows the system already. A player similar to these ones would be a perfect fit for what this roster still needs. The Celtics would do well to add some veteran size and shooting at a cheap price. While the hype is fun, it is not Tacko time yet.

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