My Introduction: A Depressed Arsenal Fan

Alright so I know all 90 of my Twitter followers have been waiting for this all their life, I have started a blog: a concept no one has ever thought about when supporting Arsenal. Basically these blogs I’m going to write will just be voicing my frustrations. And there are so many that I could reveal now but that wouldn’t be doing justice to how many separate things Arsenal piss me off about.

For example: Arsenal’s captain with one working leg decided to pull a prima donna, NFL wide receiver type of move and tell the team to fuck off so he could get his move to France. That pissed me off.

Another example: Arsenal not bringing Krystian Bielik and Xavier Amaechi, two young, promising players who I needed to google how to spell their names correctly are not going on the U.S preseason tour. That pissed me off.

And that was just today….

So, I have a lot of built up anger. I’m angry about Man City and their prince cheating and buying their way to dominance, I’m angry about Liverpool being a club that is actually well-run, I’m angry about Tottenham being better than us, I’m angry about Chelsea beating us in embarrassing fashion in the Europa League Final, and I’m angry about United actually having money to solve their problems, unlike Arsenal.

With this all being said, to the two people that aren’t Jack, Justin, or Chris who might actually read this: my writing will be 99% negative because this is Arsenal Football Club. This is not a club of ambition, success, and prosperity. This is a club who tries to bullshit their way to top 4, ultimately fail, and then use a 40 million budget to fill 5 or more gaping holes in their squad. But I will attempt to be positive, that is a promise.

I’d also like to apologize in advance for my poor grammar and language which definitely won’t be in check after a game like Crystal Palace away or Brighton at home last year, and I’m also sorry for being mad a lot. I can be happy as an Arsenal fan but it doesn’t happen much.

This upcoming season will be my sixth as an Arsenal fan, and through the previous five years I have experienced some highs and many lows. The FA Cups were awesome and I thought we were gonna win the league when Danny Welbeck scored that header against Leicester (I broke my foot celebrating that goal). And the lows have been pretty much everything else, like the last two months of last season, the Atletico semi-final, and any game we played in the Champions League or in the Premier League for the most part. But the worst of all of it has been watching the total dysfunction from top to bottom and seeing the club experience a slow death into irrelevance. I’ve become apathetic and I am certainly #kroenkeout.

So, I’m very much looking forward to another eventful Arsenal season for some reason, and hopefully something remotely positive occurs. My twitter is @thebostongooner.

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