A Freak! The TimeLord himself!

I’m not gonna lie, I didn’t want to blog this, I’m tired and hangry, and honestly didn’t get to watch as much as I would’ve liked. But here I am. Anyway, I’ve covered basically everyone else important in my previous blogs but Robert Williams. And let me tell you he deserves this blog. The big man was killer today, absolutely battling and pounding inside and battering the opponent’s on the glass, on his way to a 16 point and 16 rebound effort. Dude was absolutely crazy, catching lobs and grabbing everything in sight. At points during the game I was worried Williams was gonna bang his head off the backboard and come down with a concussion! Players like prime Dwight Howard, Anthony Davis and Clippers Deandre Jordan, set the tone for the new type of big man in the league. As athletic as you can get, can get up and down the floor and dunk, board, and block anything in sight. I’m not comparing their talents, just comparing their pure athleticism and Robert Williams is up there with the best of em. He’ll be expecting big minutes this season and we’ll be expecting big performances this season. Short blog but deserved to be talked about. He did get dunked on… but we’ll forget about that.

Also Grant going for 21 on 4-5 from three!!! Hallelujah! Celtics Summer League playoffs are yet to be announced but… I’ll Catch Ya Then!

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