Arsenal Weekend Update: Slowly Turning into (another) Transfer Window Crisis

So these past few days haven’t been great for Arsenal whatsoever, with our club captain deciding to abandon the team on the preseason tour and Tottenham making a last minute bid to jump ahead of us in the race for William Saliba.

The Koscielny situation is a difficult one because he has been a great servant of the club over many years, and it seems that he believed he’d be allowed to leave for free this summer. Given Arsenal’s budget constraints, they’d prefer to sell him or keep him for a position that greatly needs stability.

I think Arsenal is making the right decision here, they must keep or sell. Letting him leave for free would just be more of the same. Arsenal can’t be weak anymore, or it’ll reach a tipping point with the fans. It’s rumored he could be bought for anywhere between £7-10 million, and that would be decent business for Arsenal. In my opinion this behavior, especially by a club captain, means that you have to sell him. There needs to be a strong message sent not only to the squad but also around Europe. Arsenal shouldn’t be the laid-back, no pressure club, it should be a club that values winning over everything else. He has to go this window, you can’t bring a player back who doesn’t want to play for the badge.

The Saliba situation is a perfect example to show how embarrassing Arsenal have been in recent times. Tottenham have simply been a better run club from top to bottom, and that has been shown on the field and in the transfer market. Arsenal have totally bottled this one, and they’d be lucky if they could still pull this off. It seems like a 50-50 chance and the damage to the optics of the situation won’t change if they do end up getting him. Arsenal are joke in the market, and they need to have at least three more signings to show some sort of ambition. Saliba would go back on loan this year, but the 30 million that is rumored to be paid would most likely be pushed back into installments in later years if the deal is to be done. If Arsenal believe he has the potential to be THE guy in the center of their (hopefully) back four in the future, it’s worth it.

In other news the Tierney situation looks like it’ll be resolved at some point, which is a relief because we are in desperate need of a proper left-back to play in a back four. I’ve had enough of Kolasinac on the wing of a 3-5-2 formation, so hopefully this means we could actually sell him and keep Monreal as backup.

There was also about an hour on Arsenal Twitter where everyone believed we were going to sign Pepe for 80 million, and that excitement was almost immediately dismissed with Ornstein coming in saying there has been no offer and that we can’t afford him. Unfortunately that would be a perfect signing but it’ll never happen.

Hopefully more transfer news occurs tomorrow with some clarification on Tierney and other signings, but until then you can find me @thebostongooner on Twitter.

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