I guess you’re just not supposed to write a 3000 word blog before even introducing yourself. Upper management at this website made me aware of that. Sure, one of the guys who has been writing about the Celtics Summer League just randomly dropped a Pogbarticle. Im Yank, @MUFCYank on twitter. 

No, I’m not a rip off of Yankeegunner, that makes no sense. Im Yank, get used to it. Whats going to be great about blogging is that I’ll be able to put my texts into organized thoughts. When we lose 4-0 to Everton, I can now just hop on here and unleash. When Phil Jones, and Smalling, the chuckle brothers, start together I can just write a blog in the middle of the game ultimately knowing we won’t get three points. I’ve only been a United fan for four years. I don’t know what good United feels like. Im unique in that aspect, realistically how many people have only watched United suck? 

Me and Kevin (@thebostongooner) have also started a podcast called XIFC. We plan on talking about everything from the Premier League, to the USMNT. Kevin is a depressed yet faithful Arsenal fan. What makes me different from Kevin is that I actually have some faith that United might turn it around. I’ll put it right here, United will win a Premier League within the next 5 years, I mean I threw a damn coin in the Trevi Fountain wishing for that. To me, winning is the only thing that matters. It doesn’t matter how, all that matters is that it happens. I just wish that Manchester United had the same ambitions that I do. 

I do need to address the fact that I’m American. I spend my weekend mornings listening to Arlo White make a 0-0 draw vs Crystal Palace sound like a World Cup Final. Being American I understand that most Brits don’t like us talking about their beloved game. Sort of like how some of us Americans don’t like it when our athletes talk about, “their”, politics. It’s all stupid, who really cares whether you call it soccer or football, in reality its a great game that should be embraced throughout the world.  The only issue that I have in terms of America’s involvement in soccer, is the way in which we go about it. SOCCER IS NOT THE SAME AS AMERICAN FOOTBALL, BASEBALL, OR BASKETBALL. We need to stop approaching it like it is. Soccer is European, not American, not even South American (South America hasn’t lifted the World Cup since 2002). The money is in Europe which means the players play in Europe. Let’s go about the game the way that they do. From the way that they identify and develop their kids, to the way that they present the game. I mean, we have Steve Nash, a Canadian basketball player, doing pundit work before the Champions League Final. Even putting someone as simple as Landon Donovan on the broadcast gives it a little more legitimacy. The US won’t take my advice, but I do know that I’m right. #YANK4USSFPRESIDENT.

This should be fun. Blogging, podcasting, just generally talking about soccer. I’ll try to blog and tweet as much as I can. I hope that my twitter, my podcast, and United all become world class this year.

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