So Josh Kroenke penned an open-letter to Arsenal fans today, along with doing interviews for and The Sun. To sum these up he basically acknowledged the #WeCareDoYou movement, which has gotten almost 70,000 petitioners in one day. It was great to see basically the whole fanbase unite against these clowns who call themselves our owners.

He also addressed how the fans want them to spend money, and he responded to that by saying the wage bill is in a tough spot but also said that they don’t have “restrictions on spending”. He continued by saying that he is hurt by fans questioning him and his family’s passion for the club, and that he had to get up at 4am to see how the fans are unhappy.

Poor you Josh Kroenke, one of the lead guys in seeing this club go down a downward spiral the last few years, had to get up at 4am to see that the fans don’t like him. This is all a bunch of bullshit, the Kroenke’s are just going to say what needs to be said so they can calm the storm. Well, since you just said that we should be “excited” about transfers, you might have an even bigger storm of hate coming your way on August 9th.

To try and have us pity him and his silent, careless father is exactly why nobody likes them as owners. When you have to repeatedly say that you’re passionate about the club, that means that there is something REALLY going wrong. To think that this fanbase is just going to accept this apology/statement is nuts. No one likes you guys, you’ve done absolutely nothing at all to help this club.

You hired Ivan Gazidis, the biggest executive sleezebag to ever grace this earth. He also promised we’d be competing with Bayern Munich along with many other statements he never backed up. The Kroenke’s and him set up this backroom staff with Raul, Mislintat, and others, only to see it fail when Mislintat and GAZIDIS HIMSELF jumped ship almost immediately after it was created. Why did they leave? Maybe it’s because you don’t know how to run this fucking club.

You held on to Wenger way too long and gave him so much power, and because of that you guys made it really tough on yourself to improve/change upper management and the environment of the club (but I doubt they cared about that either). He also acted like he just started on working on Arsenal 14 months ago when the fired Wenger, which is all you need to know about them. They didn’t care, they had blind faith in a dinosaur who consistently underperformed at his job for the last 5 years of his tenure. And after the 4th year of underperforming, you guys FINALLY started to get skeptical and worry about it, even though basically after every league game #wengerout was trending and ArsenalFanTV would go off.

The club had over 200 million in cash reserves that you totally mismanaged by not spending at the time you had it and ultimately that 200 million got extremely de-valued based on the inflation of transfers. That was a MASSIVE miscalculation.

When they bought the club outright and we had many needs in the January transfer window, what did they do? They limited us to only loan deals and sent a mass email to the whole club urging to cut costs in any way possible? Does that seem like owners who are “passionate” about winning? Nope.

I ask myself often, what have they done right?

Have they pleased the fans? No. They pay the highest ticket prices in England to go watch a shit team.

Have we been successful? No.

Is the club respected? No.

Do they attempt to keep the club’s standards high and aim for winning trophies? Obviously not.

It’s just tremendously upsetting that Josh speaks now when he absolutely has to now. It’s not like he speaks often, he NEVER speaks. I hope there is a lesson learned here to at least speak sometimes.

The one bright spot that has come from this is the #WeCareDoYou petition. For a fanbase that is often divided it was nice to see us come against one common enemy, and it shows that we do have some power in forcing their hand to at least speak about Arsenal’s situation.

Let’s hope there are some transfer news soon because Josh Kroenke told us to be “excited”. My Twitter is @thebostongooner.

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