Relax Manchester United fans, it’s going to be ok. I get it, last year sucked. Well the past six years have sucked, but there was something about last year that made it so unbearable. It was disfunctional, from the first day of preseason, to the last loss against Cardiff. At least we did get a two month period of world class football in the middle. Bottom line is that Manchester United fans expect, and deserve more. A big summer was needed, and young and hunry players were the target.

Over the past few years Mr. Woodward has been the recipient of some harsh critism. I’m not trying to defend him here, he deserved it. We had no transfer policy. Normally a director of football gets names from the manager, and then the director of football goes and closes the deal. Ed isnt even a director of football. His knowledge lies with the business aspect of the game. You would think he would be more inclined to listen to his manager when told who to buy, but no, he pretty much disregared everything Mourinho told him. With Ole as our manager, and another bad season behind us, it finally looks like Woodward, and United’s transfer policy, is changing

We started off the summer by adding Daniel James, a Welsh winger from Swansea. Dan is lighting in a bottle, his pace is unmatched. He actually might be the fastest footballer in the world right now. Of course pace isnt everything, but spending 15 million on a 21 year old with potential is a good move regardless. I really like the idea of nabbing good young players off of championship sides. It’s a good way to find solid cheap young players. 

After signing James, Woodward moved onto his next target, Aaron Wan Bissaka. Wan Bissaka is a wonderful young talent. At 21 he is already the best defensive fullback in England. His best years lie ahead of him. We did have to break the transfer record for a fullback to get him, but at the end of the day he was cheap. Wan Bissaka should be our Right Back for the next ten years.

I know that Maguire isnt done, but who honestly doesnt think he’ll be in a United shirt next season. Maguire is overpriced, I get that. I know that he’s more expensive than De Ligt, I know he’s not viewed as on the same level as the great centerbacks in today’s game. We need him though, we need him badly. If we sign Maguire we’re the third best team in England. Our back four is legitamate, it will keep us in games instead of taking us out of them. Plus, who knows, we might sign Bruno Fernandes as well. My word that team could do damage.

Ed is not off the hook. His body of work is still terrible, but Manchester United fans should’nt be complaining this summer. It seems we are now buying players we need, not players we want. Finish off this summer with four signings, get top four, then next summer use Champions League to buy a superstar, preferably Jadon Sancho. If I’m sitting here at the end of next summer with Champions League football, a solid back four, Pogba, and Sancho, then Ed will officially be off the hook. Come on Ed, be the savior, not the scapegoat.

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