What to Expect from Edu as Arsenal’s Technical Director

Edu has arrived in America to start his job as Arsenal’s technical director, an extremely important job for the club’s backroom staff. He has arrived at a strange time with just about a month left to go in the transfer window, and there are many problems that need to be solved in the squad.

Edu’s role as technical director will require him setting a football “vision” for the squad, which means he will want coaches and players that fit his ideal mode of football. This would naturally connect to being a part of the transfers the club makes, although it is unlikely he’ll make an impact this window.

Starting now, we can expect Edu to oversee the first team and try to implement any improvements he sees possible. There is an opportunity for him to create new environment that demands winning and success, something that is desperately needed for the club. For a long time Arsenal has been known to be a “laid-back and fun” club, which certainly can be blamed on Wenger and the previous upper management regime. Hopefully with Edu, Raul, Vinai, and Unai Emery, Arsenal can instill a solid direction for the club that demands nothing short of the best out of each and every player.

It’s no secret that the mentality of the club has been extremely weak in recent year, and even though it is cliche I hope he instills that “Invincible mentality” as a member of that historical Arsenal team.

Another aspect that Edu could bring to the table is his connections to South America, particularly in Brazil. Raul Sanllehi has a lot of connections throughout Europe, and Edu could help expand that range of relationships that can be formed. Whether that is with clubs, agents, or players, any of them could prove very useful. I’m not sure if he had anything to do with the Martinelli signing or the sudden links to Everton Soares from Gremio, but I’m sure he could help in providing input in those areas.

After Edu retired he has had two prominent roles in upper management, one with Brazilian side Corinthians and with the Brazilian national team. Edu joined Corinthians as their director of football in 2011, a role in which he proved to be very successful. He later went on to join the Brazilian national team and they most recently won the Copa America this summer. He was been widely regarded as a bright, young mind who has done a great job in the two roles he’s had.

It is important to not that he was not Arsenal’s first choice for the role. Former Arsenal player Marc Overmars refused to leave his role at Ajax to join, along with Roma’s Monchi who left to return to Sevilla. Overmars has been part of overseeing a great resurgence at Ajax, and Monchi has been known as a great talent-spotter who worked well with Emery at Sevilla before taking his role at Roma.

Even though he wasn’t Arsenal’s #1 option, Edu is one of the few bright spots going forward. Hopefully supporters don’t blame him for whatever misfortunes occur from now until the deadline.

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