Is Bringing Back Coutinho the Answer to Overthrow City?

Imagine a player of world class ability who can function in any of 4 roles in the Liverpool system, while knowing said system INSIDE AND OUT. Now imagine that theoretically you can get him for free or almost free, theoretically of course. Obviously that’s a no brainer, sign him up and bring him aboard! Unfortunately it’s not as simple as that. This player we speak of happens to go by the name of Philippe Coutinho, the Liverpool made number 10 who forced himself out to play for his dream club in Barcelona. You can’t fault him for that, he’d given Liverpool everything he had and the club just couldn’t win anything. It’s the way that it was done, in the middle of the season, and turned into a public affair when it didn’t need to be. He was also rumored to pay 11 million out of his own pocket to make the move happen faster. It wasn’t a pretty scene. Barcelona ended up paying a fee of 105 million euros which could, and did, rise to 142 million euros paid in several installments. The rumor is they’ve paid about 60 million of their debt already and still owe roughly 80 million. Which is about what Barcelona are asking for. Being put a little more simply, Barcelona basically paid 60 million for a loan of Coutinho. Obviously we know after Coutinho left Liverpool went on to play in back to back UCL finals and winning the latter. A main reason being Liverpool proceeded to splash the cash after letting go of Coutinho, purchasing obviously Virgil Van Dijk, Fabinho and Alisson. So here’s the main question, would Coutinho make the Liverpool squad better? Let’s go through the checklist,

Talent Wise? Yes.

Depth Wise? Yes.

Filling a somewhat glaring hole? Yes.

Team Chemistry? For right now no.

I know Liverpool had talent by the abundance, but how many teams can come from way behind against Barcelona on pure talent alone? None. The Liverpool squads self belief and team chemistry changed the tone of that game, and adding Coutinho could very well ruin that in someways. Although that is not a given, in fact Bobby, Alisson and Fabinho all vouch for Coutinho and Klopp seems to love him. And to be totally honest, what Klopp believes to be best, I believe to be best. With City constantly scouring the transfer market looking for deals to improve their team, Liverpool seem to be behind in the game and adding someone of world class ability to an already incredibly talented team can push them over the top. But Klopp seems to believe that the likes of Rhian Brewster, Alex-Oxalade Chamberlain and Naby Keita are new signings and he doesn’t seem to mind keeping the squad as it is. So there ya have it, it really only comes to down to what Klopp deems best in my opinion, if he wants Coutinho, I want Coutinho, if he thinks the squad can take over City for the title than who the hell am I to say otherwise.

My twitter is @LFCeltics.

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