1. Pogba
  2. De Gea
  3. Wan Bissaka
  4. Rashford
  5. Lindelof
  6. Martial
  7. James
  8. Mctominay
  9. Greenwood
  10. Dalot

So there it is, the first edition of The Wednesday Utd Yankings. It’s pretty much just ranking the top ten players at United each week. Now I don’t just factor in ability. This will be based off of a balance between a players form, and a players class. Really it doesnt matter, let’s just get to the list. 

So half of you hate Pogba, I get it, but he’s our best player. Did you guys see that pass today to Wan Bissaka that led to our first goal. That’s what I want him doing this year, playing a little bit deeper and making the right pass. If we have a player like Gomes in front of him, or even Bruno Fernandes, then I think he can do a lot of damage. 

De Gea is De Gea, don’t lose hope, please. 

Wan Bissaka and Rashford are similar. They’re the exact same age, and they both have IT. Wan Bissaka seems to already have all his stuff together, so he goes higher than Rashford. I’ll tell you though, if Rashford keeps scoring goals like he did today, he might be number one by October. 

Lindelof is going to be a rock. He is a good centerback, trust me. There’s a reason why Barcelona had interest. 

Martial is my guy, he’s the reason I’m a fan. I still think he has the most potential of anyone on this team, besides maybe Greenwood. If he gets his mind right, and starts working more, he’ll be a 20+ goalscorer every year. 

The next two are pretty similar. James and Mctominay are both young, but will both get good minutes this year. I think they can be pretty good players.

Ah, Mason, what a player we have here. He’s 17 and I legitimatly believe he’s one of our better players. He got himself a goal today, and he always seems to be getting around in the box. If we sell Lukaku we don’t need to buy a number 9, Greenwood can be the backup. 

Lastly, I put Dalot. I like him more then Shaw. He doesn’t really have a position on this team. Wan Bissaka is miles ahead of him, and I’d rather see James, Greenwood, and Chong on the right instead of him. Nonetheless, he’s still a good player with a bright future. 

Oh, and for those wondering why Wednesdays, it’s because United don’t play on Wednesdays this year. 

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