Post Game Thoughts, Liverpool V. Sevilla

Well that was certainly a football game. Here in Boston MA, we associate football as a brutal, hard hitting and less fluid sport, which is exactly what we witnessed, American Football. From the get go the Sevilla players looked as though they were going for the neck of each and every Liverpool player. Looking to send any player they could out of the game in a wheelchair. It was a disgrace! And the audacity of the bunch to run around bitching and crying after something was actually called! Embarrassing is the word that comes to mind. Ever Banega, a well respected professional, been around the league for years now, looked like a U12 player running around throwing a temper tantrum after the 10th minute of the game! The new Brazilian signing, Diego Carlos I believe (could be wrong), I saw him on the ground going for dirty slide tackles more than I saw him on his feet. And don’t even get me started on the Gnagon fella. I’m not even gonna mention that it was a preseason friendly, cuz honestly it doesn’t even matter, there is ZERO place in the game for that, ZERO. What possesses a man to take a kick at a guys leg while running full speed? An absolute psychopath. Sevilla were an embarrassment today, nothing short of it.

Now onto the little football that was actually played tonight. That was ALMOST, not quite but almost, as embarrassing. There were two instances in the entirety of the game that was actually encouraging. The first being the first minute of the game by Trent Alexander-Arnold, my MOTM. The second being a great string of passes that in the end did nothing but was certainly encouraging and exactly how Jurgen wants his men to play. I believe Lovren picked up the ball in the defensive third and found an enticing forward pass in the half space, which then turned into a string of one touch passes to set up Ryan Kent for a dribble in which he was fouled. In my eye it was wonderful and what Liverpool should be doing throughout the game and what I expect Klopp to have his men doing by August 9th. I really hope to see Liverpool pick it up against Sporting on Wednesday, so far it has been none to pleasing. We are praying that Larouci is okay and that it isn’t as serious as it looks, he’s certainly been one of Liverpool’s brightest players so far this preseason.

Btw did anyone see that Lovren long ball with his left foot, absolutely breathtaking.

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