Premier League is Back! Liverpool v. Norwich City, Post Match Thoughts

A damper mood than it should for Liverpool as they enter the tunnels at halftime up 4-0. The games gone well obviously, but everyone is biting their lips and praying that our very own Alisson isn’t seriously injured. Trying to put the ball into play quickly he slipped and went down, a non- contact injury is about the most concerning sign you can have for a professional athlete. And I know people are seeing him walking off as a positive, and I’m sorry that I have to be the bearer of bad news but it really means nothing. Players with serious non- contact injuries almost always continue playing or walk off on their own. Praying it’s not serious and wishing it heals fast. On to the actual game, although the scoreline read 4-0 it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows, different then Alisson obviously, as the defense looked as though they were caught out numerous times, which continued to be the same in the second half although we’ll get to that later. The attack on the other hand were very bright and positive. It got started early as Divock Origi, starting in Sadio Mane’s place, picked up the ball on the left wing and with the help of a little fancy footwork whipped in a dangerous low driven ball to the front post which, unfortunately for the Norwich defender, deflected off his shin and into the back of the net. After 7 minutes Liverpool were in the driving seat and it seemed to be game over. Spotlight player, Roberto Firmino later picked up the ball off a fortunate bounce and played a through ball to the incoming Mo Salah who picked it up and slotted it under the diving Tim Krul for his first of the season. Continuing with Roberto Firmino, I can’t even begin to express how much I love him, what he does for Jurgen Klopp’s system is second to none. And don’t get me started on his chest touch, spin around volley that Tim Krul so cruelly saved. Sorry for that pun. Picking up the ball in that false 9 space with his level of decision making is incredibly scary for opposing teams. He rarely ever makes the wrong decision whether that be sending a through ball, taking his own space or rifling off a shot. About 30 minutes into the game Liverpool won one of their what seemed to be like 30 corners. Salah proceeded to send a delicious cross into the box which was finished off by none other than Virgil Van Dijk. I actually felt bad for the dude who had to mark him, it was a legitimate case of bullying. And finally Divock found the net like he always does on a simply incredible ball from Trent Alexander Arnold. Divock made a fantastic run off the shoulder of the Norwich RB and the covering CB found himself in no mans land which led to a simple Origi finish. That’s where the first half finished, Liverpool leading 4-0. The second half continued the same as the first half, the Liverpool defense getting caught out which led to Norwich’s team leader in goals, Teemu Pukki, to get one back, and the attack continued to pound Tim Krul’s net but to no avail. Jordan Henderson rung the bar after a save from Krul and later in that possession Trent smashed a low cross to the back post which should have been scored by either Firmino or Origi but Firmino found himself off balance. Other than that nothing of note really happened so I’m going to just talk about each player real quick, give a player rating and finish it off.

Alisson: NR. Looked real comfortable in his net making a few good saves and only misplacing one pass until he was taken off in the 37th.

Adrian: 7. Knew what he was doing and played well with the ball at his feet but did concede a goal that he could’ve looked more comfortable on.

Robertson: 6. Looked dangerous in the attacking end but couldn’t find the end product and ran his ass off like usual.

Gomez: 5. Caught out far too much for my liking, incredible potential but didn’t have it tonight.

Van Dijk: 8. Finished off a beautiful corner kick and saved Gomez a couple of times, but wasn’t perfect as I’m sure he feels he should be. I think we’ll take that performance though.

TAA: 7. Very dangerous on the offensive end and picked up an assist. Looked somewhat lost on the defensive end at points which lowered his grade a bit.

Fabinho: 6. Solid performance did his usual stuff that isn’t picked up by the naked eye but did find himself out of positions at points.

Wijnaldum: 6. Did his job and looked good but didn’t do anything out of the ordinary, which is not a bad thing I shall add.

Henderson: 7. Looked very good to me on both sides of the ball and always wears his heart on his sleeve, very impressive performance.

Origi: 7. Picked up a goal and an assist but didn’t get involved too much after the first 10 minutes, always does find the net though.

Firmino: 7. Only reason I’m giving him a 7 is because he didn’t find the net but my God what a performance by Firmino, have I mentioned that I love him?

Salah: 8. Impressive as always, showed his finishing is still there and picked up an assist, always looks positive and very dangerous, what a player we have in the name of Mo Salah.

Sadio Mane: NR. Came on in the 72nd minute and really looked to attack the Norwich defenders, should be ready for Chelsea and I can’t wait.

James Milner: Did James Milner things for about 7 minutes.

Liverpool 4, Norwich 1. 3 points in the bag and top of the league.

I will be back on Wednesday when Liverpool take on Chelsea for the Super Cup, I am expecting a statement win and am very excited, I will Catch Ya Then!

My twitter is @LFCeltics

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