Mixed Emotions, the American Dream v. The Beloved Reds

I’m just a beloved football fan from Boston Massachusetts, a devoted Liverpool fan and a dream about American “Soccer” royalty. I played “soccer” in high school, I wasn’t bad, made a league all star but in the grand scheme of things that’s nothing. I was a big forward that made a living from being stronger than everyone else but I knew obviously there was no future in the sport for me, but I loved it, every single second of it. And I fell in love with it and now a full year out of high school I’m continuing on a different path, to teach. I want to show kids how romantic this game really is. Now obviously where I’m from football isn’t the most popular sport, well I should word that different, the real football isn’t the most popular sport, select games are broadcasted and there really is no easy way to follow week in and week out like the 4 major sports in the US. So I improvised, watched everything I could on TV, pulled up streams from reddit, went on YouTube, did what had to be done. Around the time I started really following the sport, the US Men’s National team had come off what by US’ standards, a good World Cup which drove my love harder and further than before. Fast forward a couple years and there’s a kid from Hershey Pennsylvania flying through the ranks. By 18 this kid was the most talented outfield player to ever come out of the United States. Christian Pulisic was the name, the kid from Borussia Dortmund that is putting US soccer on the map. Instantly he became a favorite of mine, I mean how couldn’t he, the global star of my nation and around the same age as me, someone I could look up to and connect to in the game I love. A National Icon that got his dreams ripped out of his chest by his fellow teammates failing to perform against a country with roughly the size of the 8th smallest state in America. Nobody can blame Christian Pulisic for that loss, nobody. So I just wanted to write this to show how much respect and love I have for Pulisic, carrying the weight of an entire country on his shoulders and just loving the game. I will always cheer for him, except when he takes on my beloved Reds like he will tonight. So thank you Christian Pulisic for inspiring a generation of American Football fans like myself and here’s to continuing that journey and putting faith in millions of more.

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