I know it’s scary to think about but can Roberto Firmino get better…?

I know, I know, Roberto Firmino has genuinely been one of the best players in the league in the first month of play.. In fact, Firmino averaged the highest Match Rating per game leading up to International Break. But there are also some underlying statistics that show that he has honestly just been unlucky. First though we obviously have to talk about what he is best at. Roberto Firmino is the best false 9 on the planet, no disputing what he does for Liverpool Football Club. His level of importance is up their alongside Virgil Van Dijk for Liverpool. His link up play, his tracking back, his knack for the magisterial (see flick volley Vs. Arsenal), it’s all incomparable to any other player in the world. Jurgen Klopp said it better than any quote I’ve heard when he said, “Mo Salah, world class, but not every day. Sadio Mane, world class, but not every day. Roberto Firmino, world class, pretty much every day.” We see what Mo Salah and Sadio Mane do on game days, two of the premier scorers in world football, but I beg the question, are they without Roberto Firmino? Now obviously both have supreme individual talent and would still be top class goal scorers but I just can’t see how either of them would be as good as they are without him, I would also bet neither of them would disagree with me. It’s almost as if Firmino has this magnetic energy around him that drags opposition defenders too him, which then in part leaves Salah and Mane too attack that space left behind, or get the ball at their feet and go one on one against a helpless fullback. Should the defenders learn from their mistake and not follow every movement of Firmino he’ll look behind him, notice no defenders are there, pick up the ball and attack himself. While attacking he is alarmingly unselfish, almost as if he lives to be this “cast in the shadow” character, always looking to lay the ball of to Salah and Mane (see minutes after subbing on against Chelsea in the Super Cup). I believe Firmino fits the bill for the underrated star and honestly would prefer to be it, he doesn’t need the limelight because any real football fan can see what he brings to the table and how important he really is. Unlike the past, Firmino has now put up an impressive resume of stats to suggest he can finally be the “goalscorer” rival fans like to use as a shot at him.

First and foremost I should point out that on the season Roberto Firmino has 2 goals and 2 assists in 4 games, (along with 2 assists in the Super Cup) a very good start to the season for the Liverpool frontman, or should I say attacker, midfielder and defender. But along with those 2 goals, Firmino leads the league in shots with 17. Now you might think that only having 2 goals in 17 shots is not very good and you’d be right, but what if I told you only 5 were on target, yeah that makes it sound a bit better, 2 goals in 5 on target, but you could still argue he’s missed the target 12 times. That’s where it gets funky, he’s only missed the target 2 times this season, meaning that out of his 17 shots, only 7 have not been blocked this season. Should some of those shots not have been crucially blocked his stats could be inflated, so it seems their has been a certain amount of luck, or lack there of, against him. Should some of those shots trickle through who knows what would’ve happened, but all in all Roberto Firmino has seemingly brought his game to the next level thus far in the season which is crazy nonetheless given how good he has been. Unless Klopp gives him a break after a long International Break we should see him in action Tomorrow morning as Liverpool take on Newcastle at Anfield, I will Catch Ya Then!

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