Atrocious USA Lose 2-0 to Canada…

Just like when Mexico seem to visit to play the US national team, you don’t expect to see 3 points, it just doesn’t happen. We are Mexico and Canada is the US in this scenario. It’s been something like 34 years since Canada last beat the United States, and today that streak has ended. Pathetic performance from the USA, not taking anything away from the Canadian team, they’ve got some bright young talent in their ranks, including the goalscorer Alphonso Davies, a legit stud. But truly lackluster and just soul crushing performance today. Not only the players but the staff too, dreadful from them as well, especially Gregg Berhalter. It boggles my mind that their is an American Coach by the name of Jesse Marsch, coaching Champions League Football with RB Salzburg. Not just coaching but legitimately winning like it’s some sort of disease that you can’t get rid of. And when ultimately ending in defeat, showing his heart and connection with his players in a mesmerizing halftime team talk when down 3-0 to our very own Liverpool, Champions of Europe, to see his team fight back from 3-0 to tie it at 3-3 before ultimately falling 4-3. It legitimately hurts my brain that we let him slip right through our fingers as he was actually the assistant coach for the National Team. Just no wonder we Americans are seen as the laughing stock of the Football World, it starts all the way at the top where the people running it care strictly about how to make the most money and not about how to successfully turn the US into a legitimate contender. But that’s a rant for another time. Just a short blog because I’ve had my time to think about the abysmal performance and it has boiled up inside me ever since

Also how about that dumb shit Berhalter subbing off Christian Pulisic at the 60th minute. How could you be so stupid to do that. Yeah he wasn’t playing well but he’s your guy, he is the only reason the US are in the conversation enough to at least be the laughing stock of the Football World. Berhalter has to know that Pulisic is struggling with the Chelsea scenario, so he decides to fucking sub him off now. Dumb shit, I just hope he hasn’t lost the team room and the players at least still back him cuz Lord knows I want him OUT.

Liverpool are headed to Old Trafford this weekend with a match against the Red Devils and I for one cannot wait! I will, Catch Ya Then!

My twitter is @LFCeltics

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