Why this Celtics team has the potential to be something special.

What is it that Bill Russell’s Celtics, Tim Duncan’s Spurs, Michael Jordan’s Bulls and Stephen Curry’s Warriors all have in common? Obviously, there four of the NBA’s most dominant dynasties of all time. But why is that? Again, the obvious answer is well, Bill Russell, Michael Jordan, Tim Duncan and Steph Curry are pretty damn good at basketball, but is that the sole reason these teams are associated with the end all be all that is winning. I’d argue against it. In the NBA, stars are probably more important than in any other major sports league in the world, for the simple fact that you can only play 5 players at once. Stars can win you games and even can win you championships, see Shaq and Kobe winning 3 out of 4, that Lakers team is one of the best dynasties ever but it will always be stained by a “what if”, what if Shaq and Kobe got along? What if that team stayed together? How many championships would they have won? That is what separates the four aforementioned dynasties compared to other dominant teams. Bill Russell, the greatest winner in the history of American sport, what was the key to his 11 championships? His Celtics stuck together, played for each other, took a backseat in their personal game for the better of the team. This can be said about the other 3 franchises as well, Jordan’s Bulls, Scottie Pippen is one of the 50 greatest basketball players of all time, he could have easily had better personal statistics should he have left the Bulls. But he realized that he was playing with the greatest basketball player of all time and if he just sacrificed his personal accomplishments a little bit it would lead to an abundance of team success, and he was right. Duncan’s Spurs and Steph’s Warriors is the same idea, players like Tony Parker and Klay Thompson forgoing there chance of being superstars that have their own team to win. But especially players like Manu Ginobli and Draymond Green, these are guys that every championship team needs, guys that are fully bought in and give everything they have every night for the team. I guess this is where I finally mention this years Boston Celtics.

Obviously putting this kind of expectation on a team is a surefire way to ensure it does not happen, and that’s why I am saying that this team has the potential to do something special. The Boston Celtics are currently tied for the third youngest team in the NBA with the Warriors and the Timberwolves only trailing the Suns and the Bulls. From what we can see the Celtics are the only team seriously competing this year. Usually the burden put on young teams is the lack of veteran presence and lack of playing in big games. The Celtics are a change in that philosophy. With Veteran leadership in Kemba, Gordon, Smart, Jaylen and Jayson, the latter three combining for an age of 23 years old it might sound weird to call them veterans. But these three have played in plenty of big games including being 1 game away from playing in the NBA finals and almost dethroning LeBron James. The Celtics know they can play in big games and will get a chance to prove it come the playoffs. The early season success for these Celtics haven’t come from one player every game leading opposition defenses to be wary of every one on the court. Should Tatum have a 1-18 game, Kemba and Jaylen will take on the burden and steal a win. Should Kemba struggle to get himself involved Jaylen and Jayson will combine for 58 and come away victorious. And my personal favorite, should the Celtics need some kind of bucket, Marcus Smart has no fear in taking a deep contested three that has no business of going in, yet does… every single time. This Celtics is already picking up key aspects of championship winning dynasties, stars playing together and picking each other up. And it should also be mentioned we have the definition of a player that is fully bought into a team and gives their 100% every single night. Marcus Smart in case you were confused. Should the Celtics be good enough to win a championship in the next couple of years, I pray that our beloved guys stick together and oversee their chances of “greater” personal success and instead see the chances of an unforgettable dynasty.

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